Sunday, June 21, 2009


Niama!! Ur mum never teach u cannot like tis de mie????
Guysss, dun dun dun add tis guy

The story is like this:

Few days ago, i added a person who called "coala boy". ERRM, actually nt me, but him. i just accept nia. Then horr, he asked me to switch on my webcame n c his birdd. I didn't give any response to him because im busy last few days n no mood to choi tis weird guy.

Mana tau, just few minutes ago, i met him again in da msn n he asked me to switch on my webcam again!!! Walau A!!! Im so angry n asked him to suck his own birdd. He said:"no, i wana u suck my". Then i said, i wud cut it into pieces. He seems like get angry then he asked me to suck my unpussy n cook it.

Wat the FUCK!!! Kek si wa!!! If i noe who r u, u will b in da hell!!!


Jas said...

block him la...did u saw his face?

sean said...

jas is correct,jus blog him la,no nid keep angry wif tis stupid guy...really saisai a he...

蔚蓝的...我 said...

不过最实际的做法,就是delete the contact!!

sC_words said...
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sC_words said...

this case very easy ma, whn he show u, mar say " yer! why so small eh! tak pernah jumpa sekecik ini"
good idea leh~ *evil*

JuNe said...


of coz i blocked liao larr.. if let me noe who is him......

JuNe said...


ya larr.. sai sai!!!


ya!!!! cut him into pieces!!!!! i delete dy larr..

JuNe said...


so good ya!!!

next time i use tis.. wahahahahha

ly heng said...

jas is correct,jus blog him la,no nid keep angry wif tis stupid guy.

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