Monday, March 2, 2009

A Beautiful Day

When rumours are given coverage, people might believe them to be the truth. Hopefully, those people who are involving in these rumours wouldn’t suffer any heartattacks especially Yong Jian and Guo Xing. Meanwhile, I think all of us just enjoyed being ‘suan’ by others. So much of FUN! Yeaaaaa… May be the people around will think that I’m flirting everywhere. Hehe… But, please believe that, I’m that kind of loyal and sincere girl!!! Wahahahha…

Today, I have settled my passport. Just 2 hours ago. I want to say thank you for the guy who kindly fetch me go to the Jabatan Imigresen. Supposely the journey just take less than 30 minutes but it took 1 hour and 30 minutes just now!!! Wooow… Guess.. Guess.. Guess.. Hehehe!! The main reason is, both of us don’t know the location. That’s why I feel very thankful to him as he still willing to fetch me there although he don’t know the location (I’m not expecting that he don’t know the accurate location, sorry!). AND, he skipped 1 class (not sure, may be is a mere discussion?) because of our delay. Well, you are so kind! Thank you.

When I’m waiting for my passport, I went to the MC Donald, having my breakfast there alone. But, I’m not lonely at all. I enjoyed the food and I read the free newspaper provided in the restaurant. How good if I can spend my time in a nice restaurant for 1 hour everyday? I’M LOVING IT!!!

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